PRESS RELEASE: Product Network Europe is launched, promises to transform the European Product Ecosystem

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Press Release

On December 21st 2022, Product Network Europe was launched, promising to transform the European Product Ecosystem.

Created by the same people behind Startup Network Europe, this new venture has two main objectives:

  1. Produce local, national and European events for European Product Professionals.
  2. Build active communities of product professionals across Europe.

The decision to launch Product Network Europe was made after the success of five product conferences this year:

Comments from Product Network Europe’s Founder, Adam Fulham:

“According to LinkedIn, there are 660,000 people in Europe who have ‘Product’ in their job title. Then there are hundreds of thousands more people, who have other titles like UX Designer. This is a very big population which is lacking in community, and we hope Product Network Europe can really help Europe’s Product Professionals by providing them with local, national and European forums in which they can connect with each other.

After hosting five product conferences this year under the brand Startup Network Europe, we decided to launch a new Product Network Europe brand because so many product professionals are working for companies that aren’t Startups. At the same time, we envision a huge amount of cooperation between the two brands, especially when it comes to linking business-focused Startup Founders with potential Co-Founders who specialise in product and tech.”


For more information, please reach out to:

Adam Fulham, Founder, Product Network Europe