September 14, 2023
18:00 - 20:00 BST


Skyscanner, Manette Street #Level 5, London W1D 4AL, United Kingdom

The London CPO Conference 2023

Hosted by Amplitude, Product Network Europe, Skyscanner and Sendbird, The London CPO Conference 2023 will gather 70 Senior Product Leaders from London and across the UK, including Chief Product Officers, Product VPs, Heads, and Directors.



6.00pm-6.30pm: Networking

6.30pm-7.00pm: Panel Discussion

Panel Theme: “Data-Driven Customer Retention: A Strategic Approach”

7.00pm-7.30pm: Rapid Fire Talks

7.30pm-7.45pm: Presentation

7.45pm-8.00pm: Networking at Skyscanner

8.00pm Onwards: Networking at Simmons Bar Soho


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